DanGrafika is an all-in-one creative Studio that focuses on true art and design

Who are we?

We are a professional photography, graphics and web Studio based in Copenhagen & Holbæk, Denmark.   

We are a team of freelance and fully employed like-minded artists and experts with experience in several industries of Art that work for a common goal and that live for the same mission.

Our Mission

It is all about Art…

That is right – Art is our mission itself. In our Studio we see Art as the highest value there is and we live for Art. 

Art is much more than just aesthetically pleasant visualizations. Art is an intellectual and individual sphere of every human being and it is an inseparable part and aspect of being it.

We believe that satisfying this sphere can lead to extraordinary personal growth and individual development. 

Poster Mariehøns

What we do

Why Choose Us

We are professionals

with several years of experience

We are artists and creators

that value true art highly and that seek to share true art with people

Highest class standarts

We provide you with masterpieces & solutions that we are 100% confident of. All of our works & projects go through multiple creative teams each of which makes sure that you receive a truly unique item of highest quality

We are different

We deploy unconventional, revolutionary techniques in our processes which allows us to present you with something never seen before

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