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Nature’s Compass


The name of this photography – Compass – has the purpose to underline a somewhat symmetrical form of the depicted flower. Its form is indeed somewhat similar to the arrows we usually see on a compass. Certain flowers are known to be useful geolocators as they can only grow in the North, South etc. Whether this particular flower has such an ability is unclear, however it still might set you on the right track and help you find a new path in your life.


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Poster Size

A0 (horizontal) – 1189×841 mm, A0 (vertical) – 841×1189 mm, A1 (horizontal) – 841×594 mm, A1 (vertical) – 594×841 mm, A2 (horizontal) – 594×420 mm, A2 (vertical) – 420×594 mm, B1 (horizontal) – 1000×707 mm, B1 (vertical) – 707×1000 mm, B2 (horizontal) – 707×500 mm, B2 (vertical) – 500×707 mm

Production time

7-10 working days

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Premium Glossy

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3-5 working days (Denmark)